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Banana Cream Coffee

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Banana Cream

Full List


  1. AFTERHOURS: Fresh, crispy coconut with sweet vanilla and rich amaretto in a creamy background
  2. ALMOND COOKIE: Sweet almond with graham cracker background
  3. ALMOND AMARETTO: Smooth almond flavor with light nutty background
  4. ALMOND DELIGHT: Chocolate, white choc, and toasted almond
  5. ALMOND TOFFEE: Almond and sweet toffee
  6. ALMOND TRUFFLE: Toasted almond combined with creamy chocolate and smoothie caramel
  7. ALMOND THE MOOD FOR LOVE: Smooth almond flavor with light nutty background
  8. AMARETTO: Almond flavor and a light nutty background
  9. ANGEL CAKE: Creamy hazelnut with irish créme
  10. ANGEL FACE: Toasted coconut cream and smooth chocolate
  11. ANGELICA: Sweet creamy caramel with a hint of chocolate and a nutty background
  12. APPLE: Sweet and delicious apple flavor
  13. APPLE JACK: Crispy, delicate caramel and a hint of warm cinnamon
  14. APPLE SPICY: Rich apple flavor with a hint of cinnamon
  15. APPLE STRUDEL: Old fashioned european apple fruit strudel pastry
  16. APRICOT ALMOND: Sweet apricots with a nutty background
  17. APRICOT CREAM: Ripe apricot with a creamy vanilla background
  18. APRICOT PINEAPPLE: Smooth and creamy apricots and pineapple
  19. AUTUMN HARVEST SPICE: Combinatino of toasted macadamia nuts, sweet egg not, fresh pumpkin, crispy chestnut and spicy cinnamon
  20. BACON: Salty, crispy bacon taste
  21. BAKED ALASKA: Creamy, white chocolate combined with smooth dark chocolate and fresh raspberries
  22. BAKLAVA: Fresh roasted pistachio combined with sweet maple, toasted walnuts and brown sugar
  23. BANANA: Banana with the fresh off the tree flavor
  24. BANANA CREAM: Bananas with the fresh off the tree flavor with cream
  25. BANANA FOSTER: Reminiscent of the popular dessert
  26. BANANA NUT: Creamy, fresh banana with nutty background
  27. BANANA NUT ALMOND: Sweet banana with a nutty background and almond tones
  28. BANANA NUT BREAD: Fresh banana with spicy gingerbread and toasted hazelnut
  29. BANANA NUT CREAM: Creamy, fresh banana with nutty background
  30. BANANA NUT FUDGE: Ripe bananas, nuts and sweet chocolate
  31. BANANA SPLIT: Sugary banana and smooth chocolate
  32. BAVARIAN CHOCOLATE: Rich creamy milk chocolate
  33. BEAR CLAW: Milky chocolate combined with smooth caramel, toasted walnut and southern pecans
  34. BELGIAN LACE CHOCOLATE: Heavy milk chocolate flavor
  35. BERRY STRIPE: Vanilla, fresh berries and a hint of cookies
  36. BISCOTTI: Hints of sweet fresh baked biscotti
  37. BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE: Deep, dark, decadent bittersweet
  38. BLACKBERRY: Freshly picked blackberries
  39. BLACK CURRANT: Bold, sweet-fruity flavor with creamy undertones
  40. BLACK FOREST CAKE: Rich chocolate flavor with cherries and coconut
  41. BLACK KNIGHT: Strong dark chocolate mixed with toasted almonds and a hint of vanilla bean
  42. BLUEBERRY: Fresh picked blueberries
  43. BLUEBERRY CREAM: Fresh blueberries with cream
  44. BLUEBERRY CINNAMON CRUMBLE: Fresh blueberry pie taste with a warm cinnamon background
  45. BLUEBERRY MUFFIN: Freshly baked blueberry taste
  46. BOOTY: Traditional of holiday favorites, chocolate, vanilla, cherry, coconut, almond, and hazelnut
  47. BOSTON CREAM PIE: Delicate vanilla custard combined with smooth strawberry cake and creamy chocolate
  48. BOSTON NUT CREAM: A creamy confection of chocolate, vanilla and custard
  49. BOYSENBERRY: Fresh picked boysenberries
  50. BUTTERNUT: Creamy, buttery, nut flavors
  51. BUTTER PECAN: Reminiscent of pecan pie
  52. BUTTERSCOTCH: Creamy and smooth with hint of vanilla
  53. BUTTERSCOTCH TOFFEE: A lightly spiced cream butterscotch flavor
  55. BRAZILIAN NUT CRUNCH: Tropical nuts and caramel
  56. BROWNIE EXPLOSION: Rich, intense dark chocolate with hints of vanilla and nuts
  57. CAFÈ ANGELICA: Creamy vanilla and hazelnut concoction
  58. CALIFORNIA GOLD: A mix of fruit and nuts, a classic combo
  59. CALYPSO VANILLA CREAM: Delicate vanilla beans and delicious creamy caramel
  60. CAMPFIRE S'MORES: Creamy chocolate melted marshmallow on graham cracker
  61. CANDY APPLE: Like an apple with caramel sugar glaze
  62. CANDY CANE: The classic holiday peppermint flavor
  63. CAPPUCCINO: Full coffee and creamy vanilla notes
  64. CAPPUCCINO SPICE: Steamy cappuccino with a dash of spices
  65. CARAMEL CREAM: Creamy caramel with warm vanilla flavor
  66. CARAMEL APPLE: Smooth caramel with apple background
  67. CARAMEL KISS: Hard caramel candy with vanilla essence
  68. CARAMEL NUTS: Warm caramel with nutty top notes
  69. CARAMEL PECAN ROLL: Brown sugar, toasted pecans and sweet caramel
  70. CARAMEL ROYAL: Elegant cappuccino flavor covered with creamy caramel
  71. CARIBBEAN BREEZE: Outstanding dark chocolate grounded with toasted coconut
  73. CARIBBEAN PUDDING: A mix of pineapple, coconut, and caramel
  74. CHAMBORD: Warm pungent raspberry
  75. CASHEW: Deep roasted cashew taste
  76. CHEESECAKE: Classic, delightful cheesecake dessert taste
  77. CHERRY: Freshly picked cherries
  78. CHERRY VANILLA: Sweet cherries with vanilla custard
  79. CHERRY JUBLIEE: Sweet, heavy, fresh cherry with cream
  81. CHOCO NUT: Creamy dark chocolate with hazelnut top notes
  82. CHOCOLATE: Rich chocolate flavor
  83. CHOCOLATE ALMOND: Full chocolate flavors with almond nuts
  84. CHOCOLATE BLEND: Stron chocolate combined with coconut, a hint of vanilla. toasted coconut and hazelnut
  85. CHOCOLATE BLUEBERRY TRUFFLE: Rich milk chocolate flavored with fresh blueberries and cream
  86. CHOCOLATE CAPPUCCINO: Full chocolate flavor with coffee and vanilla notes
  87. CHOCOLATE CHERRY: Rich chocolate with bing cherries
  88. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH: Reminiscent of fresh baked toll house cookies
  89. CHOCOLATE CINNAMON: A delicate blend of chocolate and warm cinnamon spices
  90. CHOCOLATE CINNAMON HAZELNUT: A combination of milky chocolate and toasted hazelnut
  91. CHOCOLATE COCONUT DELIGHT: Rich chocolate with fresh coconut and berry highlights
  92. CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES: Warm chocolate with fresh strawberries
  93. CHOCOLATE DECADENT: Dark, rich, decadent chocolate flavor
  95. CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT: Creamy hazelnut with rich chocolate pudding taste
  96. CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT VANILLA NUT: Milk chocolate, toasted hazelnut, and vanilla beans
  97. CHOCOLATE IRISH CRÈME: A perfect blend of classic irish crème and chocolate
  98. CHOCOLATE LEGEND: The perfect combination of creamy white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate
  99. CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA NUT: Creamy chocolate and macadamia nuts with a faint coconut nuance
  100. CHOCOLATE MACAROON: Fresh, toasted coconut topped with dark chocolate
  101. CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW: The perfect blend of marshmallow and melted chocolate
  102. CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW ALMOND: Toasted marshmallows and milk chocolate topped with almonds
  103. CHOCOLATE MINT: Rich chocolate flavor with smooth peppermint notes
  104. CHOCOLATE MOCHA: Deep, strong chocolate
  105. CHOCOLATE MOCHA TWIST: Chocolate with spicy and nutty notes
  106. CHOCOLATE MOUSSE: Rich chocolate pudding taste
  110. CHOCOLATE ORANGE MOUSSE: Intense orange, dark chocolate, vanilla
  111. CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER SWIRL: Fresh, creamy peanut butter with chocolate background
  112. CHOCOLATE PECAN: Warm milk chocolate with spicy pecans
  113. CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY & CRÈME: Ripe raspberries in a creamy chocolate syrup
  114. CHOCOLATE SEDUCTION: Our most seductive chocolate surrounded with rich caramel and a hint of berry
  115. CHOCOLATE SHEBA: Chocolate, nuts and cream
  116. CHOCOLATE SUICIDE: Deep, decadent, dark chocolate dusted with cocoa powder
  117. CHOCOLATE TURTLE: Nuances of nut and caramel covered with rich caramel and a hint of berry
  118. CHRISTMAS SPICE FLAVOR: A holiday spice blend
  119. CIN-FUL-NUT: A warm cinnamon with a strong nutty vanilla
  120. CINNAMON: Natural, spicy, warm cinnamon
  121. CINNAMON ALMOND MACAROON: Coconut, almond and sugar
  122. CINNAMON APPLES: Fruity apples in a wam cinnamon sauce
  123. CINNAMON BUTTER COOKIES: Delicious combination of creamy peanut butter, cinnamon sticks, cookies and cream
  124. CINNAMON CRANBERRY CRÈME: Sweet tart berry with creamy smooth background with a touch of cinnamon
  125. CINNAMON DECADENT: Warm, spicy cinnamon flavor with a hint of cinnamon powder to make it even better
  126. CINNAMON HAZELNUT CRÈME: The perfect blend of exotic cinnamons and classic hazelnut with a hint of vanilla cream
  127. CINNAMON HAZELNUT SWIRL: A warm cinnamon with graham cracker and a creamy hazelnut background
  128. CINNAMON ORANGE: Warm cinnamon with fresh oranges
  129. CINNAMON SPICE: Warm spicy cinnamon with a touch of allspice and clove
  130. CINNAMON STICK: Rich, tantalizing cinnamon flavors
  131. CINNAMON STICKY BUN: Mouth-watering cinnamon rolls with caramel and vanilla toppings
  132. COCA MOCHA TWIST: Chocolaty with spicy and nutty notes
  133. COCONUT AMARETTO MOUSSE: Creamy coconut and sweet almond combination
  134. COCONUT CRÈME: Creamy coconut with a touch of graham cracker
  135. COCONUT SUPREME: Sweet, toasted cocnut and vanilla
  136. COFFEE ANGLAISE: Cream, vanilla and caramel
  137. COFFEE CAKE: Rich, warm, danish pastry
  138. COFFEE CREAM: Fresh, creamy cappuccino flavor
  139. COFFEE CUSTARD: Sweet and rich velvet cream
  140. COFFEE TOFFEE: A blend of cream, caramel, and chocolate
  141. CONCORDE: Silky chocolate mousse and meringue
  142. COOKIES & CRÈME: Dark chocolate cookies and cream
  143. COOKIEDOODLE: Combination of delectable chocolate, spicy cinnamon, delicate vanilla, toasted hazelnut, and caramel
  144. CRANBERRY: Just as the fruit ripe and tart
  145. CRANBERRY CRÈME: Sweet-tart berry with creamy smooth background
  146. CRANBERRY WALNUT CRUMBS: Tart cranberries, spicy cinnamon, toasted walnuts and sweet caramel
  147. CRÈME BRUELEE: Vanilla custart with creamy caramel topnotes
  148. CREAMSICLE: Vanilla cream with fruity orange cream
  149. CRUMBLE AMARETTY COOKIE: Italian flavor combined with vanilla and caramel
  150. CUBAN FLAN: Sweet vanilla, creamy custart and a hint of caramel
  151. CUPID'S KISS: Creamy caramel with dark chocolate and southern pecans
  152. DAFFY TAFFY: Mix of chocolate, hard caramel, toasted hazlenut, creamy banana and cherry decadent
  153. DANISH PASTRY: Classic cappuccino flavor with caramel and baked apples
  154. DANISH SWIRL: Danish pastry with warm cinnamon top notes
  155. DARK CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY TRUFFLE: Combination of dark chocolate, sweet raspberries, and a hint of caramel
  156. DARK CHOCOLATE: Strong and delightful dark chocolate
  157. DEATH BY CHOCOLATE: Decadent, dark chocolate dusted with dark cocoa powder
  158. DOUBLE CHOCOLATE DELIGHT: Combination of decadent dark chocolate and milky chocolate
  159. DOUBLE NUT FUDGE: Chocolate fudge combined with a nutty flavor
  160. DULCE DE LECHE: A caramelized condensed milk flavor
  161. DUTCH CHOCOLATE: Dark, bittersweet chocolate
  162. EGG NOG: A bit of cream, a bit of cinnamon, a bit of nutmeg
  163. EMERALD CREAM: Irish crème with milky chocolate
  164. ENGLISH CARAMEL: Caramel toffee with dash of cinnamon
  165. ENGLISH TOFFEE: A lightly spiced, cream caramel flavor
  166. EUROPEAN DARK CHOCOLATE: Rich, creamy, dark chocolate traditional in Europe
  167. EXOTIC JAVA: Our own blend of exotic fruits combined with vanilla bean and a nutty background
  168. FLAN: Vanilla custard
  169. FLIPPIN SPLIT: Delicate vanilla beans combined with chocolate fudge and toasted pecan
  170. FLORIDA AMBROSIA: Fruity combination of fresh oranges, coconut, pineapple, cherries and banana
  171. FLORIDA ORANGE: Fresh picked oranges from the "Sunshine state"
  173. FRENCH APPLE CRUMB CAKE: A combination of baked apple with a sweet buttery cinnamon backgruond
  174. FRENCH TOAST: Golden maple syrup taste with cinnamon
  175. FRENCH SILK: Smooth, creamy chocolate, vanilla and caramel custard
  176. FRENCH ROAST: A french treat to start the day
  177. FRENCH VANILLA: Rich custart vanilla with caramel notes
  178. FRENCH VANILLA CAPPUCCINO: Rich vanilla custart and mocha coffee flavor
  179. FRENCH VANILLA COLADA: Smooth vanilla, tropical pineapple and toasted coconut taste
  180. FRENCH VANILLA CUSTARD: Creamy custard with rich vanilla topnotes
  181. FRENCH VANILLA NUT: Creamy vanilla with hazelnut notes
  182. FROSTED SPICE CAKE: Warm, spicy cinnamon flavor with creamy caramel and vanilla bean
  183. FROSTY'S FAVORITE: A warm cinnamon with graham cracker and creamy nutty background
  184. FUDGE BROWNIE: Decadent, dark chocolate with a hint of toasted almond
  185. GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE: A rich chocolate coconut with light ripe berry notes
  186. GINGERBREAD: Fresh, warm and spicy. Right out of the oven!
  187. GINGER LEMON: Spice and citrus tart
  188. GINGERBREAD SNAP: Reminiscent of the holiday cookie flavor
  189. GOLDEN PECAN: Warm, creamy pecan flavor
  190. GOLDEN VANILLA: Creamy, delicate vanilla bean flavor
  191. GRAHAM CRACKERS: Sweet caramel and graham cracker
  192. GROUND ZERO: Combination of creamy caramel, french vanilla and decadent chocolate
  193. HAWAIIAN CHOCOLATE NUT: Warm chocolate, macadamia and coconut flavor
  194. HAWAIIAN HAZELNUT: Creamy coconut and hazelnut for a tropical flavor
  196. HAZELNUT BUTTERY: Creamy hazelnut flavor
  197. HAZELNUT BISCOTTI: Buttery hazelnut with an almond and caramel background
  198. HAZELNUT CREAM: Smooth hazelnut with a well-rounded touch of cream
  199. HAZELNUT ISLAND DREAM: Toasted hazelnut and creamy coconut with a dash of cinnamon stick powder
  200. HEARTS AND BERRY: A tantalizing blend of chocolate and exotic berries
  201. HEAVENLY CREAM: Smooth apricot cream with caramel syrup, tangled with toasted almonds and amaretto
  202. HEAVENLY HASH: Toasted southern pecans, dark chocolate, soft marshmallow, and a creamy background
  203. HEAVENLY NUTS: Combination of our finest nuts
  204. HOLIDAY COOKIE: Just like the anisette cookie fresh from the bakery
  205. HOLIDAY CHEER: Harmonic combination of creamy vanilla, toasted hazelnut and nutmeg powder
  206. HONEY NUT PRALINE: Rich, creamy honey combined with caramel and a nutty background
  207. HONEY MONKEY: Tropical banana with a hint of vanilla
  208. ICE CREAM: Great and delicious ice cream flavor
  209. INFINITY NUTS: Combination of our finest nuts
  210. IRISH CRÈME: Reminiscent of Bailey's Irish Crème
  211. JACK FROST: Tasty irish cream and dark chocolate cocoa with a warm peppermint background
  212. JAMAICAN ISLAND NUTS: Hazelnut, pecans and macadamias
  213. JAMAICAN ME CRAZY: An island blend of Kahlua, caramel and vanilla
  214. JAMAICAN ME NUTS: An island blend of Kahlua, caramel and nuts
  215. JINGLE BELL JAVA: A sleigh ride of caramel, pecan and a dash of cinnamon and vanilla
  216. KEYLIME: Sweet and citric, true lime flavor
  217. KEYLIME WHITE CHOCOLATE: Strong sweet key lime covered in white chocolate
  218. KINGLE CRUMB CAKE: Coffee cake topped with buttery graham crackers and a touch of cinnamon
  219. LEMON MERINGUE PIE: Fresh lemon meringue pie flavor
  220. LINZER TORTE: Fresh raspberries, sweet almond and creamy vanilla flavor
  221. LOVERS BLEND: Decadent cherry with dark chocolate and caramel
  222. MACADAMIA NUT: Well-rounded macadamia nut with a quality toasted coconut nuance
  223. MACADAMIA NUT AND CREAM: Smooth, creamy macadamia flavor
  224. MANGO
  225. MACADAMIA NUT WHITE CHOCOLATE: Macadamia nut and white chocolate
  226. MACAROON: Toasted almond and coconut
  227. MAPLE BACON: Maple syrup combined with bacon flavor
  228. MAPLE WALNUT: Sweet, maple syrup flavor with walnut
  229. MARSHMALLOW: Soft, creamy marshmallow flavor
  230. MELLENNIUM BLEND: Almond, hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate, coconut and cherry
  231. MELLENNIUM MADNESS: Deep brownie, hazelnut, walnuts, toasted pecan and sweet maple syrup
  232. MEXICAN CRÈME: Like the mexican coffee/chocolate flavoring plus vanilla
  233. MINT: Fresh picked spearmint flavor
  234. MISTLETOE DELIGHT: A delightful blend of pecan, hazelnut, and almond with caramel cream undertones
  235. MOCHA: Chocolate undertones with a well-rounded coffee
  236. MOCHA MINT: Chocolate coffee with spearmint top notes
  237. MOOSE TRACK: Fudge chocolate, creamy caramel, vanilla bean and warm nutmeg
  238. NUTCRACKER: A blend of vanilla, hazelnut, and chestnut with a warm cinnamon background
  239. NUTMEG: Fresh toasted nutmeg
  240. NUTS AND BERRIES: Raspberry and hazelnut blended
  241. NUTTI BUT KISSES: Sweet nuts surrounded with vanilla and nuttin' else
  242. NUTTY BUDDY: Vanilla, delicious maple walnut mixed with southern pecan
  243. NUTTY IRISH CREAM: Irish cream with hazelnut top notes
  244. ORANGE CAPPUCHINO: Creamy cappuccino laced with fresh orange taste
  245. ORANGE CREAM: Sweet oranges with cream
  246. ORANGE PANNA COTTA: Cream, orange, and vanilla
  247. ORANGE SPICE: Warm spices combined with fresh orange
  248. ORANGE TRUFFLE: Oranges, creamy chocolate hint of caramel
  249. ORGEAT (ALMOND MARZIPAN): Smooth, sweet, well-rounded almond confection
  250. ORGEAT TRUFFLE: Tasty orgeat with creamy chocolate
  251. PASSIONBERRY: The perfect marriage weet and tangy
  252. PASSION FRUIT: Exotic flavor from the tropical fruit and blended with the perfect arabica beans
  253. PEACH RASPBERRY ALMOND SWIRLS: Fruity and nutty
  254. PEACHES AND CREAM: Fresh, succulent peaches with cream
  255. PEACH DREAMS: Mix of nuts, toffee and cream
  256. PEACH RASPBERRY ALMOND SWIRLS: Fruitty and nutty
  257. PECAN AND CREAM: Toasted southern pecans and cream
  258. PEANUT BUTTER SWIRL: Peanut butter and caramel with cinnamon
  259. PEANUT BUTTER: Fresh, home-made peanut butter flavor
  260. PECAN CARAMEL CREAM: Toasted pecans, caramel, cinnamon
  261. PECAN PRALINE: Soft, buttery rich pecan drenched with caramelized brown sugar
  262. PEACAN ROLL: Southern pecans and warm cinnamon stick
  263. PECAN SUPREME: Soft buttery roasted pecans with vanilla background
  264. PECAN TURTLE: Southern pecans and dark chocolate
  265. PEPPERMINT STICK: Icy cool peppermint essence
  266. PEPPERMINT: Minty, refreshing natural peppermint flavor
  267. PINEAPPLE: Fresh, tropical hawaiian pineapple flavor
  268. PINA COLADA: Sweet tart and pengent belnd of pineapple and coconut
  269. PISTACHIO: Fresh pistachio nut from the middle east
  270. POLE NORTH: Creamy chocolate and mint
  271. PUMPKIN: Natural, delicious, fresh pumpkin flavor
  272. PUMPKIN PIE: Delicious dulce de leche and creamy vanilla mixed with natural pumpkin flavor
  273. PUMPKIN SPICE: A warm holiday blend of spice and pumpkin pie
  274. RAINFOREST: Creamy caramel with a touch of almond
  275. RASPBERRY ALMOND: Fresh, ripe raspberries with almonds
  276. RASPBERRY CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE: Chocolate truffle with sweet raspberries
  277. RASPBERRY CHERRY: Sweet raspberries and cherries
  278. RASPBERRY CREAM: Sweet fresh picked raspberry with fresh cream
  279. RASPBERRY CREAM BRULEE: Sweet raspberries with custard cream and hard caramel
  280. RASPBERRY NUT CREAM: Smoot hazelnut falvor with fresh raspberry
  281. RASPBERRY STRUDEL: Old-fashioned european style raspberry pastry
  282. RED VELVET: Splendid red velvet cake and creamy frosting
  283. RED WHITE AND BLUE: Red and blue berries over white chocolate
  284. REINDEER CRUNCH: Delicious blend of hazelnut, macadamia nut, southern pecans, toasted almond and cinnamon
  285. ROCKY ROAD: Nutty treat with rich chocolate and marshmallow
  286. SALTED CARAMEL: Combination of sea salt and creamy caramel
  287. SANTA: Warm cocoa, sweet caramel, and toasted southern pecans
  288. SANTA'S FAVORITE: Smooth chocolate, creamy vanilla, spicy cinnamon, toasted nuts and a hint of sweet caramel
  289. SEVILLE ORANGE: Tart and tangy orange flavors
  290. SILKY MILK CHOCOLATE: Creamy chocolate with vanilla bean flavor
  291. SINFUL DELIGHT: A tantalizing blend of butterscotch, chocolate, and coconut
  292. SNICKERDOODLE: Creamy vanilla cookie with strong cinnamon nut background
  293. SNOW ANGEL: Delightful combination of creamy chocolate coffee, and fresh oranges
  294. SNOW BALL: Heavenly white chocolate blended with toasty marshmallows and creamy vanilla
  295. SNOWBERRY: Delicious dark chocolate covered in raspberries, blackberries and strawberries
  296. SNOWFLAKE: Decadent ice cream, with sweet caramel and french vanilla
  297. SOUTHERN PECAN: Deep, rich pecan flavor
  298. STARS AND STRIPES: Combination of blueberries, vanilla, and strawberries
  299. SPICE: Warm, pungent taste of cinnamon, allspice, cloves and ginger
  300. STICKY BUN: Just like the real bun, full of flavor
  301. STRAWBERRY: Natural, sweet strawberry flavor
  302. STRAWBERRY ALMOND: Sweet strawberries and toasted almonds
  303. STRAWBERRIES AND BANANA: Juicy strawberries twisted with the essence of fresh banana
  304. STRAWBERRY AND CREAM: Fresh picked strawberries covered in cream
  305. STRAWBERRY PEACH: Fresh compote of ripe strawberries and peaches
  306. STRAWBERRY WHITE CHOCOLATE: Sweet strawberries blended with white chocolate
  307. STREUSEL CAKE: A smooth and creamy
  308. SUGAR COOKIE: Sweet, creamy vanilla cookie with sugar on top
  309. SUGAR AND SPICE: Toasted southern pecans, sweet craham cracker and a hint of spicy cinnamon
  310. SUGAR DADDY: Sweet, hard caramel with pure raw honey
  311. SUGAR GLAZED COFFEE: Ultimate sweetness, coffee beans covered in powdered sugar
  312. SWEET POTATO: Creamy, sweet caramelized porato taste
  313. SWEET ROMANCE: Reminiscent vanilla combined with delicious ice cream
  314. SWISS ALMOND: Balance of vanilla beans and toasted almonds in a creamy background
  315. SWISS CHOCOLATE ALMOND: Deep, rich chocolate with almonds
  316. SWISS CHOCOLATE COCONUT: Creamy chocolate with coconut
  317. SWISS CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY: Rich, dark chocolate with raspberries
  318. SWISS CHOCOLATE VANILLA NUT: Deep, milk chocolate with a hint of vanilla and nutty background
  319. TARTUFO: Chocolate, hazelnut, and vanilla
  320. TEXAS HILL COUNTRY: Roasted southern pecans
  321. WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY: Raspberries covered in decadent white chocolate
  322. WHITE CHRISTMAS: Holiday flavors, creamy caramel, smooth chocolate with hint of spicy cinnamon and nuts
  323. WHITE KNIGHT: Delicate white chocolate, combined with toasted almonds and a hint of vanilla bean
  324. WHITE NIGHT: Creamy vanilla with sweet, nutty, dark chocolate
  325. WHOPPIE PIE: Tempting blend of dark chocolate, soft marshmallow and creamy vanilla
  326. WINTER FROST: French vanilla, strong cocoa powser and our special nutty selection